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Youngjae and BamBam from GOT7 talk about who is the funniest member of GOT7, and that’s not who you would think

Honestly, they’re all equally fun.

When asked who is the funniest member in GOT7 that is, most Ahgas would have a hard time choosing. They all radiate chaotic energy, especially when they are together, so it’s hard to choose. Perhaps the members that stand out the most in the broadcast are: BamBam and Jacksonbecause they are known throughout the K-Pop community for their legendary memes.


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However, Youngjae and BamBam find another member the funniest: Jinyoung. While it may not be obvious once they point it out, it makes sense. Of course, they can’t just praise him and immediately state that Jinyoung is the funniest in everyday interactions. He’s not funny on the show.

Without fear of Jinyoung watching them over his shoulder, the two continued to joke with Jinyoung, bringing up the classic death glare he throws at other members as they start acting a little too crazy.

Honestly, the rest of GOT7 is virtually out of control, and Jinyoung is the only member who can stop them. Sometimes. Even so, his appraising face is a meme in itself.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t chaotic on himself (after all, he’s BamBam’s favorite member for the funniest member). He had a lot of crazy moments, especially when he was surprised. Take, for example, the iconic “Poison” scene when he lost his handkerchief and instead threw a peace sign for the choreography.

And when he’s unaware of the camera, his 4D personality takes over, leading to fun moments for fans and embarrassing moments for him.

If there’s any chaotic part of his personality that Jinyoung never hides, it’s the one that comes out when he promotes his Ahgase Shobill show. We love Lion King poses.

While we may not see Jinyoung behave when the cameras are off, breaking down his relationship with each member helps us spot his humorous code having the rest of the GOT7 wrapped around his fingers.



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