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Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM tells about his past struggles as an Asian child living in America

No child should experience this.

Raised in America, SSERAPHIM‘s Yunjin he was exposed to inequality at a young age. The singer “FEARLESS” spoke about her experiences as an Asian child living in the countryside during an episode of the group’s documentary.

Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM | @ IM_LESSERAFIM / Twitter

In an interview, Yunjin revealed that she loves being on stage even as a child.

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However, it wasn’t until the seventh grade that her dream of being a singer came true. “Ever since I was little I loved being on stage but I think the first time I started wanting to be a singer around seventh grade”She explained.

Unfortunately, she soon found out that it would be hard to be in America. She noticed that there were no Asian singers on TV, so she believed that she would not be accepted there either.

It made her wonder why she was born this way, and she was devastated to think she would have to give up her dream.

If I’m Asian, does that mean I can’t be on TV in America? I’ve thought about it a lot. Since there was no one like me on TV, it hurt a lot and I thought:Why was I born this way? Do I have to give up my dream because of this?

– Yunjin

With limited opportunities to perform on stage, she decided to take up something similar – writing songs. She used her skills to express her thoughts and tell her stories. Another aspect she loved was that he was a means of comfort when she felt depressed.

I couldn’t go on stage that often, so I started writing songs from then on. I wrote a lot of songs and learned the instruments. This was the first time I experienced how to tell my story through music and I was very moved. It was so fun and fascinating. It was as if the melodies and lyrics I had written helped cheer me up.

– Yunjin

For example, one of the lyrics she showed fans was about how she tried to like her appearance and the way she spoke. It shows how she doesn’t hesitate to bare her soul and let others glance at her thoughts. Her song “Raise Your_our Glass” is a good example of how with her words she can touch many people.

I think I wrote these lines to cheer myself up. ‘Though I overcomplicate, wonder and fall asleep, I try to find some space to like my face and the way I say.

– Yunjin

Perhaps because Yunjin knew firsthand how difficult it was to be successful in America, she decided to move her dream to South Korea. After experiencing too many failures as an intern, she finally joined MUSIC SOURCE the girl group LE SSERAFIM, in which she managed to debut, and now pursues her personal goal of revolutionizing the K-Pop industry.

| @ IM_LESSERAFIM / Twitter

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